The Story


The Rehydrate story begins in 2007 when founder, Zack Gottfried discovered athletes weren’t getting the proper rehydration they needed while coaching a Division I football team. He realized the athletes were struggling to stay rehydrated because of the high in sugar and calorie sports drinks they were consuming weren’t doing the job. That wasn’t the only hurdle, some of the athletes weren’t able to drink the standard sports drink because they were diabetic. Gottfried knew rehydration was the key in allowing the athletes to perform at their optimum level. It was time for change!



It was time to figure out the right mix of ingredients, with the help of some mad scientists he went and figured out the best combination with 0 sugars, 0 calories, 0 fat, 0 caffeine, and electrolytes, electrolytes, electrolytes! Wha-la a sports drink that allows you to attack your day head on!


                                                         SWEAT. YOU'VE EARNED IT!


"From professional to recreation leagues, athletes compete and want to perform at peak levels.   Rehydrate not only helps maintain a maximum effort, its excellent level of replenishing electrolytes and vitamins allows you to recover quicker and train longer without unnecessary sugar, calories or caffeine.  It's a great tasting product and one that athletes worldwide will gravitate to."- Mike Brown Former NBA Player and Coach 


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